HSC and C System at CeBIT
May the tecnology increase the customer service at the point of sales decreasing the operational and management costs at the same time? Cutting the cost of the software license, while improving quality, service and reliability is the starting point. The use of radiofrequency technologies and C-commerce on internet can improve efficiency eliminating unnecessary activities. But is that transforms technologies in tangible results and sure benefits, designing and implementing innovative solutions at customer measure.

Point of sales solutions
Back-office solutions
Technologies reduce checkout time and improve customer service
  • Reduce checkout time is the objective of all the retailers. A new identification and anti-theft tecnology revolutions the POS
  • Corner Shops, Shop-in-Shops, Quick Response: sharing stock visibility and forecast helps the producers and the retailers to control the level of good at POS.

"Doing more with less" is the philosophy of the Open systems in the retail and distribution
  • In a global market, efficiency requires the integration of POS, Distribution and Headquarter business processes. Open Source ERP & CRM designed to work in a global environment are the efficient and less expensive way to implement it.

 Loyalty and Customer Service  Meterial flow management
A satisfied customer is a customer that return - loyalty and CRM programs are the store manager's best friends
  • knowing customer preferences is the basis to satisfy her/him. Business Intelligence and CRM are the tools on which it is build the success of the most successful retail chains
  • technology can turn its visit to the POS in a unique shopping experience.

Radiofrequency reduces costs and out-of-stock, on the shelf and in the warehouse
  • Wireless and radiofrequency identification (RFID) enables a ral time control of goods at Point of salee, at the warehouse, in transfer; The Inventory and the location of the goods are always available and updated: the risk of out of stock decrease... with less management costs. the clever solution for the evolving retail