The Supervision & Control System (SCS) developed by C System allows the supervision and the control of complex systems, integrating a wide range of functionalities: intrusion/fire alarms, access control and video recording through an extremely simple interface, aligned with most evolved technologies of data showing.

The security system is visualized in a simply and user-friendly way with maps that immediately make it clear the system status allowing the user to perform all operations necessary to the management of the system and of eventual emergency situation.

Both alarms and operations made on the Supervision computer are stored on a Database allowing users to analyze, even in future times, everything is happening in the system. To simplify this analysis, all events are stored associated to images made by cameras that frame the scene where the alarm happens.

SCS has been designed as to guarantee the complete data confidentiality: it provides mechanisms of user authentication, data encryption and different authorization profiles definition.

Moreover, the Control centre is a scalable and modular system able both to manage extremely complex systems such as a commercial centre or an airport both to propose entry-level solutions made on a single central computer and a peripheral unit.

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