Radiofrequency opened new perspectives in retail and distribution: the possibility to identify goods, in each moment and in each place of the supply chain – from the manufacturer to the point of sale, allows the full demand control and the timely shelves replenishment.

The goods radiofrequency auto-identification eliminates mistakes and reduces times and costs in identifying and recording inventory transactions, saving a significant amount of money on material management.

Wireless communication and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are the technologies that make this possible.

Wireless technology allows the real-time connection of operators and apparatus, locally, with WIFI network covering the plant, the warehouse and the store, and geographically with telephone UMTS and GPRS connection over the territory.

The emerging technology in the auto-identification is RFID that uses passive inespensive transponders (tags) and electromagnetic waves to write and read “smart labels” on pallets, boxes or single items, revolutioning the supply chain of many consumer goods.

A new generation of mobile apparatus and software applications for the wireless material management inside and outside the enterprises, allows a better control of goods at each step in the supply chain., that operate in warehouse and in store management, helps its customers to select and to introduce the new technologies in their companies, working on the existing systems, on its HSCLeanFlow and on HSCStorePoint, systems specifically designed to manage material flows and store activities with Wireless and RFID.

RFID and Wireless used at the point of sale offer additional opportunities, providing to the shopper a direct access to the information on goods on sale, simplifying and expediting the check-out management, or working as an efficient anti-theft. offers a full support to the study, testing and development of innovative systems for the point of sale. the clever solution for the evolving retail